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About Sleep Cinema

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Sleep Cinema is an app which takes a revolutionary approach to sleep. Now you are able to choose any kind of dream you will see at night. Two main things you need — your headphones and an installed application on your smartphone. Additional systems in the application can ensure more stable sleep and a maximum immersion in the story of the movie you have chosen.

How does it work?

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While you are asleep, the SleepProtector will turn on. Its main task is to help you experience the real pleasure of lucid sleep and to normalise it.

Being in the right phase of sleep, you will hear a signal that serves as a beacon, paying attention to which you will realise that you are asleep.

After that, the audio file chosen by you will be played.

Sleep Cinema is powered by several mechanisms:


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The main problem for people who are immersed in lucid dreaming for the first time is their instability. The dream is arranged in such a way that the overwhelmed euphoria can wake you up having finished the journey into the magical world of dreams. that has not begun yet. The SleepProtector system is designed to normalize sleep, smoothing out the negative influences of the modern world such as: fatigue, nervousness, etc.


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